Miss UtilityBefore you dig, call Miss Utility at 1-800-257-7777. This is for the safety of you and your neighbors!

Miss Utility will send a technician to locate the underground utility lines and mark them. They will mark the utility lines as follows:

Red Electric
Yellow Gas, Oil, or Steam
Orange Communications (Telephone or CATV)
Blue Water
Green Sewer
White Proposed Excavation

Electricty and Gas
Electricity – BG&E
Power Out? Call 1-877-778-2222
Smell gas? Call 1-800-699-0123.
TTY/TDD users�call 1-800-492-5539.

Washington Gas
Smell gas? Call 1-800-752-7520
Questions about your gas bill or to schedule service.
Main 1 (800) 752-7520 – Toll-free
Hearing-impaired (703) 750-7975
Non-English (703) 750-1000

Water and Sewage

Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC)

For water or sewer line breaks, stoppages or fire hydrant leaks, call 301-206-4002 or 800-828-6439 (TTY callers: 301-206-8345)

For questions about water or sewer bills, call 301-206-4001 or�800-634-8400 (TTY callers: 301-206-8345)

For questions about water or sewer service or new meter installation, call 301-206-4003 or�800-634-8400 (TTY callers: 301-206-8345)

To lease a fire hydrant meter, call 301-206-4264 or�800-634-8400 (TTY callers: 301-206-8345)

Property Assessments

Questions about your property assessments, call 301-206-8032 or�800-634-8400 (TTY callers: 301-206-8345)