Join the Montpelier Email List


Join the Montpelier Nextdoor Email is a private social network for individual communities that combines the best of Facebook and traditional email lists. On the Montpelier site, neighbors can

  • share local recommendations (plumbers, auto mechanics, babysitters, etc.),
  • sell or give away household items,
  • find neighbors in the directory, view a neighborhood maps (i.e. Halloween homes, neighborhood-wide yardsale participants), and
  • ask for advice.

You can join us by simply going to and entering your email address and street address in Montpelier, and click FIND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. You will be automatically directed to the Montpelier group. You’ll be asked to verify you do live at the address entered through one of several methods. Once verified, you’ll be able to post to the group and share updates with neighbors.

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Many residents in our community subscribe to a private email list to share news, list items for sale or inquire about recommended vendors. This list is privately managed, and is not endorsed or overseen by the Montpelier Community Association board.  To learn more, visit the list’s official homepage at

To subscribe, following the steps below.

STEP ONE: Complete Step One by entering your email addressing and clicking the button. This will take you to the Yahoo site to register.

Enter email:

STEP TWO: When done with Step One, come back to this page, complete the following details and click the button. This allows us to confirm your residency in Montpelier and to approve your Yahoo subscription.

Confirm email:
Your name:
Your Lot# or Address:
Are you an Owner, Renter, or Local Official?