Wiffle Ball Tournament

Come out and celebrate the arrival of summer by participating in the Montpelier Wiffle Ball Tournament on Saturday, June 22nd at 2:00 PM. The game will be played on the ball field at the pool and the Montpelier Community Association will provide all of the equipment.


Come play Wiffle ball!

Each team will be 5 players, each one from a different age group (see below). Teams can make up their own names for the game. The basic rules for the tournament include:

  •  5 players on a team (not necessarily related). Each team must consist of
    • one 6-8 year old
    • one 9 -12
    • one 13 – 15
    • one 16 – 18
    • one parent
  • Games are 5 innings each, with each inning being three outs or twice through the batting, order whichever comes first.
  • There are no balls, walks, or called strike outs, but players can strike out swinging.
  • No cleats. Just regular sneakers.
  • Pitching – All pitches must be slow and have an arc on them. No sidearm pitching will be allowed. The batter is the sole judge of pitch speed and may demand slower pitches. If there’s no hit after ten pitches then the batter’s out. (6-8 year olds may hit off a tee after 10 pitches)
  • Pitcher’s Hand – All force plays on the batter going to first base may be made to the pitcher on the mound. (Pitcher’s MOUND is poison.) The runner may also be put out by force at first base. All other force plays must be made to the bases or to home plate.
  • No stealing of any base. Runners can only advance on a hit, and may not leave the base until the pitch is thrown.
  • Pegging – Fielders may throw the ball at runners. Runners struck below the neck will be out.
    Runners hit below the neck with a thrown ball which first hits any player, a base, or the ground, will be out.
  • There will be a designated home run distance marked.

If you wish to participate, get your team together and contact Tricia Douville at 301-490-7614 or pldouville@verizon.net to register.